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Mission & History 

The Bangladeshi American community is a fairly new immigrant group. The Bangladeshis first began to immigrate to the United States in mid-1970’s and since then the Bangladeshi- American community has grown significantly. The New York City Metropolitan Area (New York City and Paterson, NJ) is home to the largest Bangladeshi community in the United States and has seen a 500% growth from 1990 to 2000. Hardworking Bangladeshi Americans have been contributing greatly to US economy, specifically New York. With unprecedented growth, the community is faced with many challenges.

The Bangladeshi American Advocacy Group (BAAG) was founded in 2010 by a group of Bangladeshi Immigrants who wanted to empower their community. They proposed that BAAG create a platform and give them a voice to encourage Bangladeshis demand equal political rights and to raise their quality of life. We hope to achieve these goals by communicating political and social concerns of the Bangladeshi American community to federal, state and local elected officials.

BAAG intends to act as an umbrella organization to create, support and sponsor initiatives and programs to help Bangladeshis in the state of New York. By engaging in multicultural events, seminars, programs and city services that will assist monolingual and bilingual people of Bangladeshi origin, BAAG is committed to helping not only Bangladeshis but the South Asian and Muslim community. 

Founding Board

Mohammed Shah Jahan

Engr. Kamal Bhuiyan

Md. Rahim

Shabul Uddin

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